Driving DX Transformation for Today’s B2B Customer

Anthony Toguchi
Anthony Toguchi
Head of Institutional Digital
Marketing, Vanguard

Driving DX Transformation for Today’s B2B Customer

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11:30 AM – 12:05 PM Central Time

Vanguard, a leader in institutional investing, found itself facing increasing advancement by competitors. The organization’s historically ‘low cost’ value proposition was no longer a sustainable competitive advantage. Vanguard needed to stand out from other competitors by delivering a new, reimagined site experience that improved and reinforced brand perception as a forward-thinking leader while also driving demand generation activities. Learn how Vanguard, together with agency partner, Merkle B2B, is developing new, modern, game-changing B2B experiences by leveraging digital strategy, personalization, and design.

Session takeaways to include:

  • Learn how Vanguard IIG is looking to further differentiate itself post pandemic through digital experiences
  • How Vanguard is building internal advocacy for a reimagined digital ecosystem
  • Steps to take when looking to create a more relevant, personalized and anticipatory web experience